Re: PHIL/AI : Humongous Lookup Table

Gregory Houston (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 17:24:40 -0600

Crosby_M wrote:

> Hal notes:
> <Sometimes after an intense dream I awaken, and for a few moments it
> is hard to reconcile the memories from the dream (which sometimes
> include events which supposedly took place before the dream began)
> with my real memories. Maybe this experience would be similar to
> merging two disjoint sets of memories as you describe.>
> I think you're definitely onto something here.

> For me, dreaming is usually a fairly disembodied experience, in the
> sense that even when dreaming of movement I can usually ignore bodily
> mechanisms involved (gravity and balance don't seem to be important).

Here's a recommended read called, "Conscious Dreaming and Controlled
Hallucinations". Its a nuerophysiological theory on this matter:

Gregory Houston