Re: COMP: "MIPsucking" as payment for Web content?

Hara Ra (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 11:44:15 -0800

Grahame, Bob wrote:
> Hara Ra <> Wrote :-
> >Good God, Cookies from Hell!
> >My machine is MINE, and the more I hear about Java, the more I
> >hate it.
> But if your machine could *sell* your spare cycles in a market...
> Java for fun *and* profit!
Hardly. Accounting for the time spent to set it up, the lack of
genuine security (my spare cycles feeding some cookie monster so
I get lotsa more spam) and the liklihood that the pay rate for
cycles is less than the PG&E costs of running my machine... When
you park your car, will you let the local taxi company use it
while you have your cuppa java??

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