Re: PHIL/AI: Humongous Lookup Table
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 13:49:10 -0500 (EST) (Gregory Houston) writes:

> wrote:
>> However, it fails the Turing test quickly as once you say a
>> sentence nobody has spoken before, it will fail. It's very easy to devise
>> sentence with a vanishing probability of having been spoken before and
>> trivial to devise such a conversation. Almost any innovative analogy will
>> do.

>Would the table fail the test if it responded saying, "I do not
>understand. Could you please rephrase your statement?" I personally do
>not comprehend every obscure analogy that I hear either, and thus have
>to respond in the the aforementioned fashion. Does this mean that I
>would fail the Turing test?

Yes, it could get away with that once. But if you are faced with a phrase
you've never heard before, you will usually respond meaningfully. Almost all
decent poetry is novel, for example, but I imagine you don't say "I don't
understand" everytime you hear poetry. The lookup table will quickly be
exposed as having no ability to respond to novelty, if you choose to ckeck