Re: Universal Schelling points (was SPORT: Ready? . . . Break!)

Anders Sandberg (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 17:18:23 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, The Low Willow wrote:

> a megayear so that everyone else can mosey over. Possibly more time if
> the organizers are doing something fancy. One idea I'd had was a
> Kemplerer rosette of stars, each with a habitable planet, each with a
> new intelligent species on it. This would be a party for the Powers who
> really feel godlike and superior.

Sounds great! I would like to participate in the species design (hmm,
they will definitely have a "meaning of life"). The rosette design would
need to involve some stabilization systems, to keep it in shape (it is so
embarassing with broken symmetries - but wait, wouldn't it make some
spectacular fireworks if we made a few stars collide at the end?!).

> [1] A Dyson sphere powering a radio, of course. Robin claimed (in a
> different conversation) that this could be intergalactically visible,
> unless he was talking about a galaxy-powered radio.

For the sun, you have around 10^26 W to play with, I think it would
definitely be intergalactically visible if you used a directed beam.

> [2] I think gravity-tethered solar sails should work. Huge sails at the
> height where they're supported by radiation, and inflecting most of the
> light back around (not at) the star. Photons go one way, something has
> to go the other, and if the sails can be kept stable over the star, both
> star and sail should slowly glide off.

The trick is to get the gravitational coupling to work - otherwise you get
sails moving away from the star. Ideally the sails are heavy, just to drag
the star along. But I think we could use the energy to induce flares on
only one side instead or create a stellar laser, that ought to speed
things up.

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