Re: Universal Schelling points (was SPORT: Ready? . . . Break!)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 09:14:45 -0500 (EST)

Anders wrote that "Greg Bear eloquently describes in his novels, the center .
. . ." I've fallen behind in my Sci Fi reading apparently, and have not
encountered this description. Could you say a bit more, please, about what
he imagines?

Damien Broderick mentioned "the fabled Bean Dip Catastrophe" as an
explanation for a black hole at the center of the universe. I'm honestly
unaware of this fable. Does it relate to George Castanza's double-dipping
faux pas? Please illuminate.

Gregory Houston wrote:

>Your facetious definition of what a universal Schelling point might be
>sparked my interest to think about it further. Humor is often employed
>in order to glaze over seemingly absurd, paradoxal, or complex ideas ....

Actually, I wasn't kidding. My consistent mispelling of "coordinate"
(*ouch!*) must have thrown you off. In general, though, I don't find
igornance--especially my own--very funny. (Indeed, as my questions above
indicate, I count on others to take my ignorance very seriously.)