Re: SPORT: Ready? . . . Break! Time Out!

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 12:55:45 -0500 wrote:
> In a message dated 2/8/97 8:26:19 PM, (Kathryn Aegis)
> wrote:
> >There are no cheerleaders here!
> *Whoa!* Just a second! I kinda' *like* cheerleaders!
> T.0. Morrow (who, at least until he transcends, will put up with the flesh)

Actually, I kind of look at extropian artists and speakers as the
cheerleaders (some of whome I bet would look great in those little
skirts, he he!). Of course, any extropian cheerleader would be an
integral player on the team (full contact, anyone? ;0).


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