Re: Space-time (Things that go faster than light)

Mike Cowar. (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 15:49:03 -0500

>From: John K Clark <>
>Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 08:48:58 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Things that go faster than light
>What about the logical paradoxes that would result from communicating with
>the past, wouldn't that be enough to rule out Tachyons?

Some thing happening in a past you did not live will not affect you.
If I was planning to go into the past to kill my parents,
It would be my future, not my past.
Being there (in the "past") makes it my present,
and being a representative of the present,
my past (it's future) is it's( the present's ) past.
You probably have to read that a few times.
The present's future happened in it's past.
Yet, the past only exists because it is being replayed in the present
(but that's beside the point).
[just for fun I will say,"The present's future happenED in it's present."]
If you are confused start thinking of time as space.

It is space-time to learn about space-time.
The time period (as a static mold not evolving)
is only made of it's spacial structures.
(Space-time - time = space.)
Going back in time is really just going to a space like your "past"
(the space you are *presently* imagining and calling past).
So, by that, time-space travel seems possible.

hmm...think about this...
time does not exist without space,
space does not exist without time.
What is 0 + 0, and why do I try to disprove existance?
<sigh>I hate it when I do this.
I hope some one understands.

>It would if anybody
>saw them,

So they can exist as long as no one knows?

>...brought a universe to an end that was about to see a paradox. Pardon me,
>I just got some E mail from John, let's see what it says " Dear John: Be
>careful with that coffee cup near your elbow, you're about to knock it over."

Why talk to your self telepathicly.

>Wow, John is right, that cup is dangerously near the edge, I'll put it in a
>safe place. It was nice of John to warn me about it, it's too bad that means
>oblivion for him and his entire universe but that's life,

If that were true
he would be obliviated long before he ever sent you a message.

>nature just will
>not allow anybody to observe a paradox.
> John K Clark