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> With the reissue of _The Probability Broach_, everyone has had a new
> opportunity to say how wonderful it is. I found it deeply flawed.
> Here are the gripes that I remember after ~13 years:
> - All female characters are Heinlein heroines.

If you mean that they're all tough, independent, and good shots. Sure.

> - The goodguys survive because the badguys never use their guns.

Well, the bad guys don't want to die in a firefight any more than the
good guys. There is plenty of shooting in the next few novels, if thats
what you go in for.

> - Unable to stop the badguys' evil plan preemptively (because that
> would be coercive), our heroes blow them up accidentally.
> This is described as a triumph of free will.

Sure, the bad guys got it in the end. :) This leaves the good guys

> - As is Bear's double existence, as if gametes were chosen consciously.

Well, they're parallel universes, guess the Bear family-trees were
identical. Do *you* understand the way parallel universes work? I know
I don't--never had a set to study.

> - Griswold's chilling reputation is presented but never justified.

They aren't at the center of the story, so why should they be focused on?

> - I can accept a talking gorilla. I can accept a gorilla with an English
> surname. But a gorilla with an English *hyphenated* surname?
> (And does the wrist-gadget pronounce it Fanshaw?)

Well, if you're going to have a surname, why *not* have a hyphenated
surname? And yes, the wrist-gadget quite likely *does* pronounce it

Jeez, looks like you've got no sense of humor.

> Am I alone in my opinion? Did I misread or misremember?
> Are some of the flaws corrected in the new edition?

I hope not. I did hear a rumor that it was an "unexpurgated version"...

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