Re: SPORT: Ready? . . . Break!
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 08:49:19 -0500 (EST)

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> If faster-than-light
> communication remains beyond our power, we will lose touch with each other

> as we spread through the universe.
> American football players huddle to call plays, then break for the line of
> scrimmage. We, too, have this one last chance to exchange intelligence
> coordinate our long-term plans. Soon, though, we must call out "Ready? .
. .
> Break!" and dive into the tumult.
> See you at the party on the far side of the universe!

I'm reminded of a custom among a previous generation of explorers and
frontiersmen, the "Mountain Men" in the U.S. Rockies: The Rendezvous. At a
known time in the Spring of each year these folks would gather at a known
spot to trade infomation and other goods, before disbursing again into the
wild. Rendezvous was a key element of the culture of these fascinating
characters (and apparently one hell of a party) and something we should
strongly consider.

Especially with the possibility of calving off copies or subsets of
ourselves, I can see gatherings like the Rendezvous of the American Mountain
Men at star systems along our paths of outward migration. I suggest that as
the time for the diaspora approaches, Extropy Institute should consider
selection and publishing of the sites for these events to be a high priority.
Pushing a growing archive of information outward from one Rendezvous to the
next may be one of the most importnat things we do as a group thousands and
millions of years along our life-lines.

Greg Burch <> <> or
"Travel is broadening.
It's time to hit the road again."
-- Carl Sagan
(Reflecting on the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11)