Weak uploading

Robert Schrader (rms@cts.com)
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 15:23:55 -0800 (PST)

>>In 1987 Chet Fleming self-published a book called "If We Can Keep A
>>Severed Head Alive"...Polinym Press...

>...yeah - GREAT TITLE!!! but...{snip}...didn't he warn of the horrors
>or dangers of this technology? and ask that no one ever use it?

Sort of. There is an subtle tone of paranoia throughout the whole work.
He is particularly concerned about the *secretive* development of
it. He takes for granted that it will happen - with or without his
efforts - and simply wishes to influence the development. "That's why
I applied for pattent 4,666,425: to obtain legal standing to slow down
and control this line of research, and to require researchers to face
up to the social, legal, and ethical issues."

>And wasn't he religious to boot?

He is clearly a monotheist, and has a preference for christianity, but
speaks rather viciously of organized christian churches, and favorably
of Buddha, Mohammed, and Confucius. What I found most disturbing was
the *authoritarian* flavor of his religious views.

So, at worst, he is a little demented and has bizarre beliefs. But then
the same could be said of a few people on this list, yet I often find
their writings to be interesting and informative. His first 5 chapters
are the best.