Make Believe Beliefs

Wed, 5 Feb 1997 22:41:40 -0500

Extropians, I found the advise given to Mike Cowar on how to deal with
his God-fearing Christian parents by various Extropians to the effect:
submit to their will, pretend to be the faithful God-fearing son, seek
appeasment, just make believe that you still subscribe to their belief
system, very interesting. I just wonder how people continue to pretend
to believe in various mandatory belief systems, such as God, JC, an
immortal, metaphysical soul etc. to avoid censor or ostracism from
family members or in the case of politician their constituency. Is
there any American politician that publically avows to being an atheist?
Do we just go on pretending to be what everyone else expects us to be
during our lives, having dual belief systems, one for show and the other
privately held? Is this not the case with some Extropians in regard to
environmental beliefs? As soon as they read someone like Julian Simon,
their socially acceptable environmental beliefs change course. Just
another probing question from Cyber Ed.