Re: Immortality and Resources

J. de Lyser (
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 16:43:04 +0100

At 08:35 6-02-97 +0100, you wrote:
>European social democracies are getting less authoritarian and
>socialistic MY ASS.
>J. de Lyser is a social democrat along with more than 99% of the
>rest of the population of Europe.
>Eivind Berge

I am to some degree the product of my environment. But i do think they are
getting less socialistic, even if maybe more authoritarian.
The last decade they have started to privatize many former state
institutions (railroads, phone companies, postal services, etc) you can't
deny that. Even though taxes may have been raised, they have cut many
social institutions (education !, health care, welfare and pensions,
subsidies to agriculture etc.)

I have always been thought that a more Socialist Europe was necessary in
the cold war era, to suppress revolutionary elements, being so close to the
communist states, regionally.

Now that the period is over, is it not logical to see things turning back a
little ?

J. de Lyser