CE: New memory boosting compounds tested

Grahame, Bob (bdg@mm-croy.mottmac.com)
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 9:46:12 -0500

Article in this weeks New Scientist (8th Feb'97 pp32-36) on a class of
neurochemicals called ampakines (of which there are several hundred. Work
done at University of California at Irivne by Gary Lynch and Gary Rogers
has confirmed substantial enhancement of learning in older rodents. Even
better, human tests have already begun, and initial reports indicate 20%
increases in short-term recall for men in their 20s, and increases of
over 50% in people over 60. Long term recall is also apparently enhanced,
but no figures are quoted. Further, there is a good explanation of the
mechanism, which could lead to improved compounds in the future.

I suspect there will be more info at http://www.newscientist.com in a
couple of days (it lags a bit behind the dead-tree edition for commercial