Re: An extropian ethic - how about Habitationalism ?(was

J. de Lyser (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 07:00:30 +0100

At 18:13 4-02-97 -0800, Lee Daniel Crocker" <>
> I'll
>have to think of a word to fight the e-word with, but I don't see
>any at the moment. Perhaps "conservationist" is better, but that
>has anti-futurist overtones too.

How about habitationalism ? Or something involving the word 'habitat' as it
can also mean 'area in which a species is distributed', pretty extropic
compared to a rather static 'environment' eh ?

Habitationism maybe sounds too much like some fascist 'blut und boden' theory.

J. de Lyser