Re: speaking loudly (was re: GRAMMAR)

Chris Hibbert (
Tue, 04 Feb 97 15:03:44 -0800

>> I think part of the trick is to talk from your diaphragm instead
>> of from your throat or chest. Proper ki-yis in karate are like
>> this. If you take

Talking from deep in your diaphragm is indeed the biggest part of it.
This is probably one of the few things I learned from two years of
ROTC that is still sometimes useful to me. (The marines called it
"command voice" and definitely considered it something to be taught.
It was an important part of marching drill.)

I get my best exercise in speaking loudly ("bellowing" is a good term
for it) at sporting events, either as a spectator or a participant.
You can holler from one end of a softball field to the other and
people are pretty impressed sometimes. Once you master the technique,
you can help people near you in the stands who are quietly trying to
get the attention of someone in the next section. I often add my
voice to someone who is off by 20 decibels or so. They usually
appreciate it.


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