Anders Sandberg's Value System
t F

Anders Sandberg wrote:

>In my personal ethical system, I regard complex, diverse
>systems as a fundamental good (this is a completely
>arbitrary basis, but it works quite well).

What do you mean when you say that it works quite well? (Do
you use another non-arbitrary value system to evaluate the
effects of first one, or how shall we understand this?)

BTW, David Pearce has worked out a theory of why you are so
fond of complexity. The basic idea is that your dopaminergic
pathways are hyperactive, so that you almost never
experience suffering. The closest you come to suffering is
occasional *boredom*, which therefore, Pearce reasons,
naturally becomes your notion of evil. But boredom is
generally caused by repetition and monotony; hence
complexity, its opposite, come to be seen by you as the
supreme good. :-)

Nicholas Bostrom