Julian Simon, Environmental Contrarian

Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:45:22 -0500

I just finished reading about the doomslayer Julian Simon in the
February 1997 edition of Wired magazine. The article is chock full of
non sequiturs. The illustrations on page138 of Perceptions and
Realities present rather two sets of opposing perceptions. One labeled
a Perception: Air Pollution is getting worse is not only a perception
but a reality in areas such as Phoenix Arizona. Sprawl is paving over
cropland as I have witnessed in the surrounding area of Philadelphia and
especially in Bucks County , were New Yorkers are settling. Third World
food problems are a reality, take a trip to India. Forests are
vanishing and being replaced by monoculture tree farms. Fish are being
fished out, I just think of what happened in Perce, Gaspe Peninsula were
a few years back it was a thriving fishing village. How does Julian
Simon suddenly qualify as an expert on species extinctions? What are
his credentials for asserting that only one species is going extinct
each year? Cyber Edward

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