Re: ECON: What Jim Legg doesn't understand

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 19:07:37 -0500

Max M wrote:
> From: Jim Legg
> >#3 Given there are a finite nuber of people on this planet, each with a
> >finite number of hours in the day to do work, and with a finite level
> >of skills, as well as with a finite amount of resources to apply those
> >skills and hours to to increase or add value, it is obvious that there
> >would be a finite source of money.
> That's not at all obvious. You forget to take a lot of things into acount:
> Better tools, new inventions, effectivisation because of technological
> progress...
> You are conforming into traditional economic reasoning. Try studying a bit
> more about positive sum economy.

Show me one place in the present economy where infinity is a viable
economic indicator. It is ALL finite, no matter how big it is. no matter
how much of a feedback loop you are in, it is still FINITE. you can't
even get any spreadsheet program anywhere to be able to calculate with
infinity without bolluxing up your program. Just because the sort of
numbers we are foreseeing in the next few decades are HUGE, they are
still closer to zero than they are to infinity.


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