Re: Turing on TV(was Re: Physics)

Eric Watt Forste (
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 12:20:57 -0800

Sarah Marr writes:
>stars Derek Jacobi in a performance which Chris Riley of the Telegraph
>describes as 'mesmerising and very moving'. (Those rationalists amongst you
>may choose to find it merely jolly good.)

Jacobi was splendid. I was disappointed at the choppy chronological
discontinuities of the whole, but the individual "flashback-style"
pieces out of which the whole was composed were brilliant. Especially
Jacobi. (It was funny though... his portrayal of Turing's stutter has
now fixed in my mind the ludicrous impression that Turing was a
reincarnation of the God-Emperor Claudius, conquistador of Britain.
Thank you, Masterpiece Theatre.)

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