Waves and stuff (was: Universal Non-point of Light)

Mike Cowar. (mikec@jax.gulfnet.com)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:50:34 -0500

>A "being" moving at lightspeed would exist in a universe with just a
>single moment of time and 2 spatial dimensions;


If there is no distance between the points in spacetime
(Why is that?)
I do not need to travel through a distance of time(1)


also because there is only one spacial dimension,


which is the point of light.


>, but it doesn't mean that the universe is a single point (if it
>was, how come I'm not telling you this face to face?).

(Ignoring the impossiblity of two faces of one point.)
There are too many mediums between us, too much distortion.
It is possible for light to bounce off you and into my eye,
but for me to rearrange the patterns
to their original form would be difficult.
If it were to travel though a consistant medium, say fiber-optics,
It would be much easier.

I get the feeling light is not the fastest thing.
Why is it we can see light move from A to B,
but a light being can not?
I believe the fastest thing should appear to be one point,
no matter if it is viewed internally or externally.
(If you must attack me for my independant thinking
please refrain from insults,
just prove me wrong with a paragraph)

I know the subject of light was probably worn out long ago,
but interactive learning is SO much better for me.
I have become "spoiled".
I used to spend four hours a day at http://www.search.com .
Now I rarely need to look beyond this list
or the few transhumanist's bookmarks I have.
I do not like to read a book
and to disagree with some thing on page one.
I lose some respect for the authors
when I have to read things I believe are wrong.

Some more questions:

Why is a lightwave so fast?

Does it ever slow down?
If it does, is it still light?

Why is a wave called light when we see it,
sound when we hear it,
heat when we feel it?
It's still just a wave, is it not?

Why do we say: see, hear, smell, taste, feel
when we are really only feel it?

Light creates heat and sound,
heat creates sound and light,
sound creates light and heat.

Has any one thought of the grand unification theory yet?