RE: HELP! I'm being attacked by my family! National Emergency!

David Musick (
Mon, 3 Feb 97 05:26:42 UT

Mike, the best thing for you to do now, in your current dependent position is
to make yourself appear to have submitted to the will of the hands that feed
you. You may have to lose access to the Internet for a while, but that won't
prevent your mind from growing and coming up with lots of transhuman and
extropian ideas on your own. You don't *need* the Internet *right now*.
There is much you can do on your own to improve your skills and knowledge,
until you are skillful and knowledgable enough that you can support yourself
through your own work.

I say, be practical first. Make sure you will have a place to live and food
to eat *first*; that is your first priority. To ensure proper food and
shelter at this point for you requires a certain sacrifice of your freedom to
do other things. You've got to go with the system you're in until you can
find a way to live in a different system. The situation you are in right now
requires certain sacrifices. You will have to submit to these sacrifices
until you work yourself into a situation that doesn't require those
sacrifices. You need to pretend to be submissive to those you depend on.
Gain their loving affections, and they will maintain the flow of resources to
you. Eventually you will gain your independence if you keep developing your
knowledge and skills and using your creativity. If you learn to excell at
providing people with what they want, it is easier to convince them to give
you what you want, to make a trade with them.

Just keep improving yourself as much as you can, through whatever means don't
threaten the security of your life. Eventually you will be competent enough
to establish your own independence.

- David Musick

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