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Omega (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 00:09:55 -0800


> I am now wondering whether this technique similar to or different from
> a technique used by persons in interdisciplinary fields who utilize
> research from various systems of research. It's difficult for me to
> describe, but when one is drawing together research from various
> fields, there is a sort of mental juggling act wherein one must
> evaluate each piece of research within the context and the methodology
> under which it was conducted, and simultaneously bring those pieces
> together into a coherent connecting concept. Maybe I am describing
> parallel processing, because there is a sensation of shifting back
> and forth between two tracks of thought, but conceptually I tend to
> view it as a fractal construction.

It seems like that whatever we call it, it appears more and more to be
a fundamental skill of some kind. Thanks for your contribution, as I
feel that this is going to lead us to "pay-dirt" within the field of

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