Re: Linguists Of The Apocalyp's, unite!

Damien Broderick (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 13:08:30 +1000

At 06:19 PM 2/1/97 -0600, Eli wrote from the hart:
>[said I:]
>> } Whoa! We aren't talking transhumans here; transhumans would simply
>> } communicate *thought* directly without need for language. Telepathy, in
>> } a word. After all, (your) thought to English to (your friend's)
>[Damien Broderick replies:]
>> Many of my thoughts, especially the rigorous ones, are in English.

Wrong Damien. That's the one with the shillelagh. But his thoughts are
often eerily aligned with mine. (And he writes well, a fine fellow.)

D. Broderick, for but not on behalf of the Little People