Re: Math, Archetypes, etc. (was Venus, etc.)

Damien Broderick (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 23:28:58 +1000

>> "Only one perspective space" is the same idea as the space-time point
>> common to all events referred to in other recent posts, published the year
>> before Einstein's "General Relativity."

??? Do you mean the invariant spacetime interval, which is an SR construct,
not GR?


>Now we're getting to the subject of absolute truth which brings to mind
>the interesting question as to whether any mathematician has ever made any
>headway in defining and using a generalized mathematical space which would
>include all Fourier spaces? I'd be suprised if someone has done this.

This sounds to me rather like an exploded Hilbert Program problem.

>I have a feeling that sooner or later some school of post-
>modern deconstructionist philosophers is going to have a field day using
>something like this as a high-pressure fire hose to spew out more compost.


Damien Broderick