Re: META: dup storm

Jim Legg (
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 14:44:26 +1300

Jim Legg states:

I have been on this list now since January 22, 1997 and did not noticed any
spamming in that time as I have read every message. Now, how long ago was
your last spamming attack, again?

If you detect a current spamming attack, may I suggest that there is no
spamming attack and that you are referring to my posts which you may
consider to be an embarrassment and the source security breach "of your
dup. storm." There certainly is a lot of coded call-to-arms language in
this 'dup.' thread. May it be considered unethical and threatening should I
as a newcomer be set up as the 'dupe' of your storm?

Would you please tell me this is not so and that the meaning of 'dupes' is
not as I have inferred? On the other hand if there is a legitimate reason
to suspect an immanent flame war that I'm unaware of, it seems only politic
to ask.

> I've moved all the messages out of the mail queue and I'm going through
> them manually to try to weed out the dupes. The list should be operating
> normally now.
> Since I'm going to be out of town this weekend, the big question is
> should I shut down the list on the off chance the spamming will
> begin again while I'm gone?


Jim Legg
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