Re: Wireless Electricity -- Bunk? ( Nope!

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 18:39:37 -0500

The problem with such a scheme is that 1) you would need power police
going around with sensor vans, just like they have TV police in England
to find out who is cheating on their TV tax, only with this system, it
would be everywhere. You would not only need to enforce it one veryone
on the planet, but in all nations and corporations. A rogue country on
the other side of the world could hack free power from everyone else
simply by building a huge receiving/induction farm (throught the
principle of sympathetic induction). 2) We would need a one world power
conglomerate, which IMHO, is anathema to most people on this list and to
transhumanists in general. It doesn't matter if its government owned or
a commercial concern, it would still take a monopoly.

WHile it is a cool idea, the practical aspects are chilling.


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