Crosby_M (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:01:22 -0500

Cyber Ed Maciocha wrote:
<...the writings of Daniel Quinn, who wrote ISHMAEL and THE STORY OF
B. Both of these books are excellent for debunking the various
Salvationist religions of the world.>

Strange! If you get to you're asked if you're
ready to "save the world". The 'yes' link leads you on into Quinn's
mythos, while the 'no' link leads to a Web page on Julian Simon. How
is Quinn's stuff not a 'Salvationist religion'?!

Anyway, Cyber Ed also wrote:
<Daniel Quinn has a theory that the human race went wrong about 10,000
years ago when it turned to totalitarian agriculture.>

Gee, New Age guru Jose Arguelles says (in his recently republished
book _Earth Ascending_)
<through centuries of 12:60 (Solar calendar) maladoption, humanity has
become magnetically destabilized.>

Arguelles answer is to get in touch with the "Psi Bank Matrix
Generated as Binary Resonance of Radiation Belts".

Now I'm so confused and don't know which way to look for salvation!
Maybe I'll just go see what julian Simon has to say...