Re: Immortality and Resources

Omega (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 22:22:31 -0800


> The free Internet or the Futurenet will be powerful enough to create spaces
> that will express its interest. For example, just to take away the fear of
> the Internet by the current ruling class to allow the mass media to outline
> a future without economics, the mundanes would quickly go along with a
> picture such as the following forwarded post:-

Thanks for forwarding Ian's post. I can see much more clearly where you are
coming from now. The vision he describes is what I see as a viewpoint into
something we might call the vortex of transformation. Many people would be
horrified by much of what he says, but I feel that there are other factors
involved that would make it a very enjoyable future -- that is once we
finally get out of the birth canal.

Ah yes, we are back to the old bootstrap problems which is why I didn't
catch your drift earlier. Seems like the big questions are what we
should do or not to to bring it about, and how much patience we need
to have while going about this?

In the Ecstatic Service of Life -- Omega