Re: J. Allan Hobos

Jim Legg (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 16:22:04 +1300

> Robert Schrader : I found a book called 'The Dreaming Brain' by Hobson.
I'm perpetually
> short on time, so has anyone read it? Is it worth reading?

I read the book in 1992 during my six year (150 book - 70,000 pages)
pre-internet study to update my AI skills for cognitive and computational
neuroscience. It is a small book and well worth reading as it leads one
very quickly to the realization that synaptic frequency reinforcement are
the main factors that determine the morphology and patterning of
transparent neuronal logic. I used the data from this book to enhance the
networking capabilities of the Ingrid Thought Processor which is available
as freeware from my website.


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