Siamese Brains and Uploading

Mike Cowar. (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:42:52 -0500

If I connected my brain to another brain by a neuron
what would it feel like?
Could I switch brains?
How could conciousness be transfered?

Oh no.
I forgot what makes me me.

Oh well, being uploaded is the goal of this topic so I'll talk about that.
I want it to be an evolution.
I want everything that is a part of me to become what will be me.
I am afraid that most uploading process being explored
would not be considered evolution.
For instance if my body were destroyed during a scan,
which would be used to design and construct a new body,
I would at that time experience "death".
That is not something I want to experience.
Perhaps I'll consider that process if my vaporized particles would be
molded, but I imagine realizing that the substance which makes up my
pattern is now disintegrating and floating away unbidden is a bit
uncomfortable ( a bit like my mind forming a thought which is beyond it's
normal physical limitations ).
Do you want your brain to become a cloud,
rapidly dispersing beyond your control?
I do not.