Re[2]: Re[2]: Perception of Reality? Boundry of self? (Was: Reality)

Guru George (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 21:55:46 GMT

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997 22:58:33 +0000
Mark Grant <> wrote:

>On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Guru George wrote:
>> Philosophical nonsense! You are seeing and experiencing the physical
>> world.
>So what are you seeing in your blind-spot? Absolutely no external input
>yet you don't notice.
Your blind spot is where you *seem* to be seeing the physical world (if
you were asked you might say "Blind spot, blind spot, we ain't got no
steenkin' blind spot!") - but you aren't really seeing anything at all 'there'
, as you can attest if you do the relevant experiment. BTW, there is
external input to the blind spot, surely? It's just that there are no
receptors (?) to pick it up at that point.

Guru George