Re: PSYCH/PHIL: We ARE the Experience

J de Lyser (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 18:08:23 +0100

Hara Ra <> wrote:

>A long standing techno golden eared music friend of mine tells me that
>18 bits and 100Khz sampling pretty much takes care of the usual
>complaints abount 16 bit music CDs. Rates like these are found on
>digital mixing platforms. Also it is very difficult to get much better
>than 92db S/N in digital recording, the typical music CD runs in the mid
>80db range. With DVD coming out, I expect that 24bit 100Khz or a similar
>extra hi fi standard will emerge fairly soon....

Still CD technology was developed to store only what the human ear can hear.
In order to save storage space, all low frequencies, the human ear cannot
hear were left out. Frequencies that you do feel, when they're being
reproduced, and that influence those that lie just above. Mini disc and DCC
work with storing only the dominant tones in a certain frequency range,
discarding a number of other tones in that range. Still nobody will have
noticed the difference, or say the sound is less 'emotional', this is what i
meant in the example, an uploaded human personality with a percentage of
loss, might be acceptable to some. The height of that percentage depends on
the individual value of both their personality, and the possible benefits
from such a technology.

>> Most people have some parts of their body removed at some part in their
>> life.
>In late November I had nasal surgery for sinuses (septum realignment,
>removal of excess turbinate) and laser surgery for snoring (no more
>uvula, that little thing which hangs down, and my throat opening is now
>rectangular). No more snoring means I can sleep nights with my partner.
>That's just mundane body modification. I can think of lots of transhuman
>body modifications.....

hmmm, in the techno community i know many people who had nasal surgery, but
probably for different reasons...

J. de Lyser