Re: Evolution: Bipedalism and Baldness(was the aquatic ape)

Jay Reynolds Freeman (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 08:55:03 -0800

> a formula that predicted a 175% chance of intelligent life per
> galaxy. The man's name I can only recall as a Da...??*. This formula
> had about 12 factors and possibly factor 6 was bipedalism. ...
> Does anyone recall the man's name?

Frank Drake? His formula is in essence

Number of intelligent civilizations per galaxy =
(rate of star formation per galaxy, per year, long ago)
X (probability that a given stellar system produces such a civilization)
x (lifetime of such a civilization)

You get to multiply out whatever factors you like in the "probability"
factor. Largest uncertainty, however, may well be in the last factor,
for lifetime.

> a gorilla named Coco (?) who had been taught sufficient language

Koko. Frances Patterson has a book and some articles out about her.

-- Jay Freeman, First Extropian Squirrel