RE: David Musick's extropian writing

David Musick (
Tue, 28 Jan 97 10:31:37 UT

Thank you, Tony, for your compliments. I enjoy writing to this list very
much, and I'm glad that others are enjoying my writing too. I'm wanting to
write several books (and hypertexts, and other such things) eventually, and
writing on this forum is certainly giving me the practice I need to improve my
writing. It's also helping me develop my ideas more fully and clearly. Also,
developing my writing skills will help me prepare for college this fall (I've
*finally* decided to go, after being out of high school for the past four and
a half years, studying *lots* of things independently). I'm going to the Reed
College, in Portland, Oregon, and the students there are required to do *a
lot* of writing. I figure if I get used to thinking up and writing a good
quality post here almost every day, I will be well prepared for college.
Probably *far* more prepared than *most* of the students. I guess it's
difficult for me to settle for any less than impressing the hell out of

All comments and criticisms of my writings and my ideas are welcomed by me.
I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve what I do, and I'm also pleased
to know when I'm doing something well.

- David Musick