Re: Genius -- the evidence

Mike Cowar. (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 17:59:44 -0500

>Humanity could generate more geniuses if we made sure all teachers are "nice".

If I had liked my teachers enough to talk to them I might have learned more.
Parents should be taught how to be teachers.
I might have liked mine more.
I learned more before I before I was in school than during.
I think it makes more sense to learn while your brain is forming.
I would enjoy life much more if I was taught by transhumansts/extropians.
Who opened up my mind to it's potential?

Mitch Porter did.
Anders Sandburg did.
Eric Forste did.
Joe Strout did.
Ralph Merkle did.

Einstein did not.
Newton did not.
Plato did not.
Socrates did not.
Edison did not.

All those people that did not are dead.
Unless you start impressing me you might end up dead too. :-)