Re: Venus
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 13:00:48 -0800

>> She didn't think, feel, act, or walk like a mathematician.
>> She had nothing in common with Newton. If she did, she wouldn't be
>> the Jennifer I knew. She would be Juno or Athena or Diana, not Venus.
>But can't we have both? I know that traditionally smart people aren't
>supposed to be particularly attractive and vice-versa, but attraction
>seems to be as much of a learned ability as mathematics, so I'm not sure
>that we have to give up one for the other. Do the Greek god archetypes
>exist because those are the kind of people we can be, or do the kind of
>people we are exist because of the archetypes we believe in?
and of course some people are primarily attracted to mathemeticians. I
think it's important to engineer your values, rather than to just accept
what your environment does to your value system without any editing.

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