Re: genius sex-linked? who cares?

Dan Fabulich (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:28:25 -0800

Damien Broderick wrote:

> As Lyle and others have shown, this is *not* a possibility, in our culture
> (and every other culture known to ethnographers). It's just an observable
> fact.

When I say "sex-linked," I use the term's biological meaning: That one
or more genes appear on the X or Y chromosome which influence genius.
This, obviously, is not yet established as FACT.

> Of course, what's at issue is *why* it's a fact. Lactating breasts
> are pretty much sex-linked, but only marginally because of social practices.
> Penis size is almost entirely sex linked - that's traditionally part of the
> job description.

Lactating breasts is a recessive trait which appears on the X chromo-
some, while owning a penis is a dominant trait which shows up on the Y
chromosome. These traits are obviously sex-linked.

> But deeper than such markers are the associated genes,
> whose impact is far more complex and far-reaching. Pool provides copious
> references to developmental oddities attendant upon (I'm paraphrasing this
> because I want people to do their own homework, and I can't be bothered
> searching the book which lacks an index, goddamn it) XY children who grow up
> to be perfect little girls because they lack the gene for using the
> testosterone they dutifully produce.

I'm familiar... I don't see how it relates, though.

> This is taken as
> strong evidence that his brain had been seriously androgenised in utero.

That his brain had been androgenised in utero??? It looks to me like
the really significant event occured LONG after being carried to full

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