Re: genius sex-linked? who cares?

Dan Fabulich (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 20:47:43 -0800

Damien Broderick wrote:

> The answers look likely to turn out to be along these lines:

> 1) Males generally have greater variation in their population statistics,
> so there is a greater proportion of duds in any task/skill/capacity than in
> female equivalent groups, and also a greater proportion of supremely
> effective performers. If we learn what causes this variance spread, perhaps
> we can use that knowledge to shift both male and females curves to the
> right, or squeeze up the lefthand side of the bell.

> 2) Extreme performance seems to be correlated with a testosterone cascade
> in early natal development, of the kind usually associated with
> testes-formation in the embryo. It might also be driven by male-typical
> testosterone titres in the mature organism. If these suggestions are
> correct, it would be important to know those mechanisms, so we can tailor
> them closer to our heart's desire.

Interesting points... These are definitely areas worth researching.
However, you DID leave out the possibility that such genius ISN'T sex-
linked. A researcher in a field like this definitely needs to have an
open mind about his/her field of study: sex may have nothing to do with
becoming a genius. (My personal choice.)

Nonetheless, until data (dis)proving one or more of the above starts
flowing in, we can't have a fact-based discussion about generalized
gender traits.

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