Re: genius sex-linked? who cares?

Joy Williams (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 13:01:05 -0800

Thanks Dan....

I really wonder if we will ever be able to determine the ability to learn a
particular area from genetic coding *anyway*. How does one determine that
a genome is related to an aptitude for a specific learning area? I could
see that a genome might be related to a mother was an opera
singer and I inherited her voice (we almost are identical in terms of our
voices, including vocal range and flexibility of the vocal cords), but I'm
also certain that in hearing her sing around the house I mimicked her as a
small child and intuitively understood how to maximize my potential in my
voice because I heard how she used her voice.

One could say that women are more genetically inclined towards learning
languages? There are a lot of multi-lingualed women in language programs,
and many top level, (for instance the UN) translators, are women. Or
perhaps people with a musical ear are more inclined to hearing the tonality
differences and can learn other language pronunciations