Re: Gender differences

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 10:03:13 -0800

(by the way, Jim, looking back for the last > wouldn't work for many
of my posts because I put multiple quote-response blocks in a given message)

Eliezer writes:
>I continue to try and find a cure for being a teenager.

<!!!> Please, no! Personally, one of the hopes I hold out for extended
lifespan (pre-uploading) is that society can chill out and let people be
"teenagers" till they're, say, 25 and their adolescence is completely
over. After uploading maybe we can stretch it out to 2500.

Somehow it seems to me that many people on this list have visions of a
panicked, frenzied future, where everyone has to race along at a breakneck
pace in order to keep from being disenfranchised, enslaved, or
exterminated. Call me Pollyanna, but I think better of the human race
than that. Besides, even if you astrophysicists and philosophers will
quibble, I think that for all practical purposes there's plenty of
infinity for everybody. For that matter, there's plenty of eternity
for everybody, too.

(Oh -- and for the grammar pot, it's "try to find a cure".)


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