Re: COGN: Intelligence a sex-linked trait?

Edgar W Swank (
Sat Jan 25 18:48:13 1997 PST

Kennita Watson wrote:

>It seems we have problems at defining intelligence. If we use some
>standard metric, like IQ, SAT or whatever (we still haven't heard any
>definitive numbers), somebody might argument that these metrics are

Might this perhaps be because men defined the metrics (and wrote the

Sure, but the tests are valuable precisely because they strongly
predict success in employment or academics, which are, admittedly
also largely set up by males.

But these male institutions are retained because they have shown
success in satifying a market composed of both men and women.

Within that constraint, women are quite free to found their own
academic institutions, corporations, achievement tests, whatever;
but we observe that they have not, to any great degree. Wonder
why not?

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