Re: Vegetarianism & the Transhuman condition

Hara Ra (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 10:22:19 -0800

Michael Butler wrote:

> I seem to recall a story by either Silverberg, Sturgeon or Farmer
> that dealt with almost precisely that--only it was a "universe next
> door" story, not a future shock story. But they weren't grown without
> brains--just bred for stupidity and had their tongues surgically
> removed (at weaning?). Protagonist falls in love with a heifer, has
> to deal with the fact that, nature or nurture, she's got a
> single-digit IQ and nothing he can do will change that now.
Actually a story by Piers Anthony. Bred for milk production, so had huge
mammaries. It's in one of his anthologies, of stories he had difficulty
publishing. I don't recall the title. Also in anthology were stories
about the 7 cardinal sins, joys of a masochistic torture addict, and one
title I do recall, "Up Schist Creek", which had a mildly scatalogic

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