Re: PHILOSOPHY: What is Reality?

Joy Williams (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 01:57:32 -0800

At 06:32 AM 1/24/97 UT, David Musick wrote:
>Mike Cowar simply asks, "What is reality?"
>This is a very difficult question to answer. Especially since it's not
>clear what the question is even asking.

I have to agree. I have to because this question is so ambiguous. I just
got back from a belly dancing class earlier, and a lot of ? ran through my
head, like "oh ghee I feel clutzy", "I'm not doing this right" etc. I
realized this is all mind frame play. Even though I drove home in a full
moon it was shrouded by mist and all that represents that in the subconscious.

I've heard that this list is on the HOT side, so I will not offer myself to
the sacrificial altar yet, I don't even know what this altar is comprised
of! I will wait until I see what people on this list have to offer of a
positive value.

As to "what is reality" that is a question that as far as I know is not yourself is the barometer of reality... ans I guess that
is the trick!