Re: Vegetarianism & the Transhuman condition

Omega (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 01:15:22 -0800

Dan Fabulich wrote:

> > d.a.christie wrote:
> > Was interested to see post on human farming, regarding extension of meat
> > eating. Would be interested to communicate with other extropians who look
> > forward to the eventual enlightenment.
> What is this referring to? Is this biotech? Or is it just switching
> to grains and fruits with all of the essential amino acids?

I hardly think: "extropians who look forward to the eventual enlighten-
ment" are just atavars seeking to return to a hunter-gatherer existence.
But perhaps d.a.christie would like to try to take a crack at this;
alas I have the feeling that getting anything even remotely resembling
traditional ideas of enlightenment past the extropian gauntlet will
be at least as difficult as getting the proverbial camel through the
eye of the needle.