VERY URGENT: S. Daperdolas on thirst strike

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VERY URGENT: S. Daperdolas on thirst strike


hi comrades, i forward you a message from greece comrades. please act! send
letters of protest to the greece embassies in your country. help saving the
live of spyros!


Greek anarchist Spyros Dapergolas was arrested on 21/6/1995, after an
unsuccessful bank robbery, along with Marios Chrysostomou. Their attempt
was quite amateurish, as he described it himself: he used his own motorbike
and a broken gun. The police decided to get as much as possible out of
this event. They accused Spyros, member of anarchist weekly "Alpha" of yet
another bank robbery which supposedly committed with the help of another
well known anarchist, Kostas Kalaremas. Their only evidence to support this
case was the "confession" of a person Spyros and Kostas hardly knew.
Although this person has long retracted this "confession", the police have
used it in order to keep Spyros in jail beyond the 18 month period, that is
according to greek law the limit after which a prisoner is set free, if he
hasn't yet been brought to court.
Spyros Dapergolas has been on hunger strike since 9/11, demanding his
release. His health condition is critical. He has lost 30 kilos, his sight
has been influenced and he's about to fall into a coma. He was taken to
hospital, but a doctor sent him back to jail, last Thursday, because Spyros
refused to have serum. Despite all these, he is decided to continue his
struggle for freedom until the end, so on Sunday he started a thirst
strike, too. This means that he may die in the next couple of days.
The supreme court will probably rule on the legality of his imprisonment
beyond the 18 month limit, on January 21. If their decision is that his
imprisonment for 23 months is legal, there is also a chance that Spyros be
released because of his health condition.
There has been a number of anarchists' demonstrations in support of
Spyros, in Athens and Salonica. On Monday there was another one in Athens.
About 500 persons participated in it, promising that "if our comrade dies,
the centre of Athens will be burnt down".


[We believe it will be very helpful if people interested in supporting
Spyros could send faxes to the ministry of justice of Greece, demanding
Spyros' immediate release from jail. Their fax number is: ++01 775 58 35 ]

For more information about Spyros Dapergolas or Greece, please send e-mail
to "Alpha"

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