Re: PHILOSOPHY: Self Awareness and Legal Protection

Dan Fabulich (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 16:56:29 -0800 wrote:

> Here is my improved criteria for granting legal protection: If a being
> is able to grasp the concept of legal protection and ask for it, then
> that being should receive it.

--- begin source ---
// citizen -- an artificial intelligence which earns its legal rights

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
printf("Hello World. My name is Computer.");
printf("I understand and desire equal protection under the law.");
--- end source ---

As you can see, this definition may not be sufficient...

> That should be followed with "because..." If I try to take it any
> further right now, I'll end up saying "because I said so."
> Just like my belief that it is more wicked to force someone to help himself than it
> to let that person kill himself out of his ignorance. I have not yet been
> able to connect either of these preferences to concretes (is that
> possible?). Both issues require more thought...

As you probably realize, there is no ultimate answer to this question.
The best we can do is attempt to discuss it rationally.

Go with the flow.

-He who laughs last thinks slowest-