Re: MEMETICS: Good/Bad Restated
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:46:40 -0500 (EST)

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<< In this we can look at the Christianity meme as a model. Granted that it
is seen as outmoded or corrupted at this point in time, however in its
days of origin, and through most of its history, it has been seen as TOO
HIGH of a moral standard for mortal men to achieve. IMHO it is due to
this unreachable expectation that has ensured its longevity, and bodes
ill for extropy if our goals are achieved too quickly.
-- >>

This is an interesting point, but is it not the ambiguity and altruism of
Xtianity that make it unlikely for mortal man to achieve, and not the
absolute "goodness" or moral purity?

Even if Xtianity had some good memes to begin wiht, it's certainly easy to
see how perverted it is now, and that the appeal is a sick kind of denial and
a need to control.

Perhaps the thread is more about how philosophies that teach one to pass the
buck; sitck with dogma and irrationality etc. - become popular more quickly
philosophies that teach hard work, reason, and self empowerment.