Re: Meme: A call for help

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 09:23:40 -0500

Dan Fabulich wrote:
> My, quite a discussion we've got going here...
> As I've said, I totally agree with those of you who have pointed out the
> merits of logic and the flaws in dogmatism. The problem that I'm
> pondering is this: if we're right, and rationalism is so much better
> than dogmatism, then why haven't we beaten it already? My concern is
> that despite our intelligence, we've somehow grossly miscalculated our
> advantage. As far as I can see it, reason should ALREADY be the status
> quo, due to the advantages that we've already listed. I don't mean that
> it ethically ought to be the law of the land, but rather, due to its
> generally agreed upon memetic fitness, its strengths should already have
> surpassed the weaknesses of the oppressor.
> However, as we're all aware, we're NOT in charge, at least not yet. The
> memes which should be dead aren't: The Bible is the most widely
> published text on Earth, intellectualism is shunned as "bullshit," and
> good ideas are withering at the hands of the devotedly closed minded.
> This is incomprehensible to me; there doesn't seem to be a memetic basis
> for this data... UNLESS the worst is true and the dogma is indeed far
> stronger than our understanding of memetic biology would allow it.
> I guess my question isn't "How can we win?" but rather, "Why haven't we
> won?"
> -He who laughs last thinks slowest-
> dAN

Your answer is in your sig line.

The reason why dogma has the upper hand, is because since it is always
easier for most people to not think rather than think, dogmatic memes
are those crutches of the mind that perpetuate their own existence most.


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