Re: Plea (was ExI: Cognitive Extropians)

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 18:08:04 -0800 (PST)

> << What I am saying is entirely different. I am saying one should not
> /evaluate/ ideas by the emotional response to them, but by reason. >>
> Which is balancing emtional response with rational thought, and what I
> suggested to begin with.

...And which is still nonsense. There is no "balance" any more than
one can balance "green" with "loud". Reason and emotion are simply
distinct things. They do not exist on the same scale to be balanced.
They are incommensurable. Disjoints sets. Emotion exists, just as
dice exist, LSD exists, and reason exists. But for the purpose of
discovering the nature of reality, one must use reason /only/. Not
"balanced" with emotion, dice, hallucinations or anything else. Of
course, I like using dice for playing games, and I like using emotion
for making life interesting. But not for discovering truth and making