Re: SPACE: Lunar Warfare

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 17:37:04 -0500

The Low Willow wrote:
> On Jan 19, 2:39pm, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> } look tyrranical to do so or must fabricate evidence (Gulf of Tonkin
> } Incident).
> Which happened, yes? Not that most of the public knows or cares, yes?
> So such fabrication can work, yes?

It worked in an era when the media was controlled by corporations out to
make a profit on weapons sales. Now the media is much more
decentralized. SO alternate views to the official one gets much more
credence and airtime.

> } hypocritical. I think that your claims are rather specious given
> } people's aversion to using nukes. You really have NO IDEA of the ruckus
> } such a strategy will raise on earth. Additionally, people on earth and
> What of the ruckus caused by people threatening to drop rocks on the
> Earth?

Your only cherry picking statements. You ignore my statement that Luna
will not NEED to attack earth. Such a confrontation will require a first
strike by earth.

People's capacity for a sense of civilization and humanity is fairly
> proportional to their sense of safety. The US public worries about
> accidents and terrorism, not war, and doesn't currently condone dropping
> nukes on small relatively helpless nations.

Exactly, what part didn't you understand?

If a Free Luna was
> portrayed as a threat, one they were reminded of everytime they looked
> into the night sky... keywords: "panic". "hysteria"
> } in the US will have relatives on Luna and wont be happy at all with
> } abandonment of their families. You really are rather blinkered.
> The relatives of the convict losers you've been talking about populating
> your colony with? Big deal.

Maybe to you, but those politicians most likely to oppose the use of
such force have such people as their main constituents. Killing
thousands of iraqis is no big deal, as they haven't anyone in congress.
Killing a few hundred thousand relatives of AMericans is another ball of

> Now _my_ population could get good PR. Of course my population might not
> have the guts to wage MAD against Earth.

What? SNotty intellectuals? I would hardly think so.

> } them being wasted. You dont care because you don't know anything and are
> } just too stubborn to admit you are wrong.
> There goes this debate. Perhaps this applies to you?

I really don't care. I know that any time people say something is
impossible, someone else goes and proves them wrong. it happened with
the Wright Bros., when the head of the Smithsonian Institution had
previously said that heavier than air flight was impossible, it happened
with Robert Goddard, when "experts" said that rocket engines would not
work in a vacuum, it happened with Billy Dolittle, when the military
experts of the day said it was impossible to sink a battlehsip with an
airplane. All of these men went out and proved the so called "experts"

Frankly I am surprised than anyone on this list would not have learned
from such recent history.


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